Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mid-September in KC

I've been away from the blog for a while, just winding down Summer and doing many varied and miscellaneous things.  For the last six weeks I've been on a sabbatical from work, doing a lot of projects around the house, taking in the local attractions, catching up on movies, and, as they say in the garage sale ads, lots of misc.

One bit of good news:  I've spent a fair amount of time recording Christmas albums for the upcoming sharity season.  I have quite a few recorded and waiting on the next steps (ClickRepair, normalization, artwork scans).  Hope to get a few more before returning to work, and then continue up through the season.

Have some good stuff to share out this year, including some re-recordings of a couple from last year, specifically the Hallmark records.  I shared two of them out last year before discovering ClickRepair.  I have more from Hallmark this year, so will re-record the two from last year and share out the whole set.

You run into some interesting things with this hobby (as I'm sure Ernie can tell you).  Yesterday I recorded a record where side 2 was completely different than both the label and the album cover.  And, at the end of the side was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise!  Sorry readers - you'll just have to wait :-)

Mid-September in Kansas City has brought us temps in the 40s (at night, for at least a couple days).  Beautiful Fall-feeling weather, giving us Winter-lovers a preview of the chills in the air yet-to-come.  When the temps drop, the Christmas music starts.

Looking forward to a great holiday music season.  Be sure to visit the other sites - FaLaLaLaLa, Stubby's place, Ernie, and the rest - and see what they have to offer once the season starts up.

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  1. A surprise, eh? You're not going to keep us waiting until Xmas, are you, with a big Do Not Open sticker? :)