Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sophie Time!

I've mentioned before that Sophie Madeleine is one of my favorite new artists.  She is simply exquisite, a lovely and talented young English singer-songwriter, conquering the world of music with her ukulele.  Sophie is the best.

So, to share a little Sophie, here is a link to her music video for "You Are My Favorite".  This is absolutely the happiest music video ever!  Feeling a little down - watch this video - it will perk you up.  Guaranteed.

Recently, as a lead in to her CD release, Sophie performed 30 covers in 30 days, and posted them all to Youtube.  They are all there for your enjoyment - check them out.  And if you like Sophie's music, visit her website and learn more.

So, without further ado, heeeeeeeere's Sophie!

Link: Sophie Madeleine - You Are My Favorite

I'm sure there will be more Sophie news here...


  1. I'm sure you're aware of this:

    One of my favorites ....

  2. Yes, I love Sophie and Hannah's "Christmas Song Song". It will have the honor of leading off my annual Christmas comp.