Thursday, December 20, 2012

Loose Ends (2012 Edition)

Every year it seems that time speeds up during the Christmas season, and all the things I have to do/want to do/need to do don’t always get done.  Besides running “Merry and Bright” (which should be my top priority, right?  J   ), my family and I have many Christmas traditions and activities going on, like cookie and candy making, Christmas cards, etc.  Plus there’s all the non-holiday life events that happen with four active children at home.  And then there’s work and the two trips to Denver in the past few weeks, and the Completely Lost Last Sunday due to either flu or food poisoning.

This year I did a good job preparing all the shares for this season, in that they were all ripped, scanned, zipped, and loaded before the sharing season started, so I don’t have to spend time doing all that during the month of December (except for a pretty painless transition to Google Docs).   
And still, there are things left undone for the blog.  One item in particular is to recognize all the artists who provide me with music during the season, if not with a full review of their work, then at least a shout-out for their contributions.   So, here are a few words about some fine artists and their seasonal music.
First is “Christmas with the SAC Pack”, by the Striving Artists Theatre Company.   This is a 2 CD set with a whopping 50! songs of the season.   The music from this group is truly enjoyable.  Now, one reason that I didn’t get this shout-out posted sooner is that good friend Stubby did a thorough review of this release over at SHoC, so I think the word was out to the Christmas music community.  I wish I had the time to do a more thorough review, but time is crunched.  So, in lieu of a full review, here is a 5-star shout out to Striving Artists "Christmas with the SAC Pack" *****

Next is “A Kindie Christmas” by The Hipwaders.  “A Kindie Christmas” is a 10-song release that is simply a whole lot of fun.  The Hipwaders bio on Amazon says “The Hipwaders perform quirky jangle-pop for kids & families”, and that pretty much sums it up.  I really enjoyed this EP/LP from Tito, DJ, and Nick.  It’s very fresh and unique, and gives us some new and different sounds for the season.

So, thanks to these outstanding musicians for their contributions to the world of Christmas music! 

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