Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Christmas Kickstarter: Andrea Hamilton

Following the successful Kickstarter campaigns from Elizabeth Chan and The Bowmans, I now would like to call your attention to another very worthy Kickstarter project from Andrea Hamilton.  Andrea is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who is producing a Christmas album and is asking for a quite modest contribution from all of us Christmas music lovers to help bring the project to completion.  Andrea is asking for $6000, and with about 10 days to go is less than $1800 away from funding.  So close!

Andrea Hamilton Kickstarter

Andrea has some great perks for backers, starting with the Christmas CD, of course.  But for the truly inspired backers, you can receive Andrea's previously released CDs, a live performance DVD, a custom Youtube video, a Valentine's Day performance, vocal lessons, and more! 

Want to know more about Andrea the Artist?  Visit her website, hopefulpop.com.



So, please take a few moments to check out Andrea's project page, and if you're as impressed as I am, send a few dollars her way to back this truly worthy seasonal project. 

Andrea Hamilton Kickstarter

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