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CD Giveaway Contest: Rough Shop "Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree"

Last year's Cheesy Giveaway contest was so much fun I've decided to do it again this year!  Today kicks off the first of at least two, maybe three, maybe more.   So many contests!  Have I gone crazy?!?!  No - just filled with the spirit of Christmas!

What Der Bingle asks of each contest entrant is to show a little Christmas love to the artists who have provided the CDs by visiting their websites and sending me back a little information just to show me that you've been there.  That's it.  Pretty easy, eh?  This is just to show some support for these fine artists, to help them gain some exposure and some new fans, and, if you like what you hear, to encourage you to buy some of their other music.  So, let's get started!

CD Contest #1 is from the St. Louis band Rough Shop.  This year Rough Shop released their second Christmas album, "Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree", following 2009's "Just Because It Was Christmas".  Friends, "Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree" is one the best new Christmas releases you'll find this year.  I was completely blown away by the sound, the song selection, and the spirit, energy, and emotion that went into this record.  Good friend Stubby wrote up a great review of the record that is spot-on, so I just want to add a few more comments in lieu of a full review.

"Gimme That Twine" is inspired by "Gimme That Wine" from the totally awesome jazz vocal trio Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross, and is like diving from the high board into a pool filled with fun.  Man, I love it.  This perfectly showcases Rough Shop's creativity and love for the season.  You'll be hooked from the opening exclamation "It's Twine Time!"

Rough Shop channels the groovy 60s for "Purple Snowflakes", a remake of the rarely covered Marvin Gaye song.  Right on, cats.

"Christmas at the Super 8" is a little bit of songwriting brilliance about a Christmas that didn't exactly go as planned.

"I Wish You a Merry Christmas" could not be better if it were James Taylor and Carly Simon belting out this little ditty of joy and merriment.

Rough Shop is John Wendland, Andy Ploof, Anne Tkach, Jon Parsons, and Spencer Marquart, and they are joined by a whole bunch of special guests for this great collection of music.  And, even better, John Wendland is one of us!  The album's promotional material says that John "has an imposing collection of Christmas music... piles and rows of long out-of-print holiday LPs, 45s, and CD reissues from virtually every musical genre..."  A Christmas music collector, of the rare and obscure, who is in a band that gives us a great Christmas record - what more could we ask for!

This is really one of the best new Christmas albums released this season.  Find out more at:

Rough Shop website
Rough Shop on Facebook
Amazon link to mp3 album

So, time for the contest details.

First, please visit Rough Shop's website, and once you're there, find the liner notes for their 2009 Christmas CD, "Just Because It Was Christmas".  Note the title and songwriter of the 7th song on the album, and send them to me (derbingle42@gmail,com) in an e-mail with "Rough Shop CD Contest" in the subject line.  Also please include your first name and city of residence.

The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries.  I will e-mail the winner to get a mailing address.  E-mails received through Friday, November 21, 2014 will be eligible to win.

Contest rules:
1.  No purchase necessary.  I don't sell anything, so this is easy.
2.  One entry per e-mail address please.  Multiple entries from the same e-mail will be disqualified.
3.  I will identify the winner in this blog by first name and city of residence, like "Bob from Toluca Lake, CA".
4.  I will not disclose the winner's e-mail address, with one exception.  If Rough Shop contacts me and would like the e-mail address, I will provide it.  Otherwise, your e-mail is safe with me.
5.  This contest is not endorsed by nor connected in any way to Rough Shop, their management, or anyone else except the author of this blog.
6.  The CD I am giving away was provided as a promotional item by Rough Shop.
7.  Please do not make unauthorized copies of the CD to give away.  Support the artist with legal music purchases.
8.  All contest rules, decisions, and actions are under the sole discretion of the author of this blog.

Good luck!

Rough Shop provided copies of the CD for purposes of promotion and review.

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