Monday, November 6, 2017

2017 Preview and Thisbe Vos Kickstarter

Hello and Happy November everyone!  Welcome back to another season of Christmas nerdery here at ye old Merrie and Bright blogg.  This post is to welcome you all back, to give you a little preview of what's in store this season, to share a quick news tidbit, and most importantly to encourage you to help crowdfund a new record from one of our absolute favorite musicians.

So, welcome back!  (check - done)

For long-time readers of Merry and Bright you'll see similar Christmas goodies in 2017 as in years past.  I'll be doing some reviews of Christmas albums and introducing you to artists that aren't in the mainstream but produce some darned fine music.  I have two artist interviews lined up already, a third pending, and perhaps a couple more will come along in the next month.  And, as always, I have a great set of vintage, out-of-print music to share out for you to enjoy.  I managed to get way ahead of the album-ripping game this year (whew!).  I have all of the records ripped, almost all of the audio processing done, and a good start on the cover scanning and stitching.  And it's only November 6th!

Beyond that, who knows what you'll find here.  You can guarantee it'll be in the holiday spirit, that's for sure.  I hope you like what you read, and if you do, leave a comment! 

Quick news tidbit:  I'm returning to the radio again this year.  Believe it or not, the hosts of River Trade Radio on KKFI in Kansas City invited me back for a special hour of Christmas music from my collection.  And,  the FCC was ok with that  :-)  So on Sunday December 3rd at about 9:15AM Central Time you can hear a little of me and a lot of great Christmas songs.  I'll post more info about that closer the day.

Ok, now for the important message.  You may recall Thisbe Vos from previous posts here.  The first was a review of her amazing Christmas record in 2015, and then her interview with Der Bingle last season.  Now, Thisbe has a new project, and she needs crowdfunding support via Kickstarter to achieve her goal.  Thisbe is making a "Romantic Valentine's Day Jazz Album", with her renditions of jazz standards fitting the occasion, plus several original songs.  Now, Thisbe is not only an amazing jazz singer, she is a truly gifted songwriter.  I've been endlessly impressed with her ability to write a new song and have it sound like a standard.  If you haven't heard Thisbe, visit her at one of the links below and listen to this talented young jazz artist.

On her Kickstarter page, Thisbe details her plans for the albums and describes the costs to make the record, including the breakdown of the funds.  She has quite a chunk of the funds allocated to the musicians that will be recording with her, which makes me want to support her even more.  Earning a steady, decent wage can be challenging for those who dedicate their lives to making music, so I was very glad to see that the Kickstarter will support not only Thisbe, but also her band and collaborators. I pledged to support her new record right away, and I hope you will consider signing on as a supporter. Even if jazz music isn't your thing, maybe you know someone who would love a CD from Thisbe.

So, please take a minute to check out her Kickstarter page.  Der Bingle thanks you.

Thisbe Vos Kickstarter Site
Thisbe Vos website
Thisbe on Facebook

Well, that's it for tonight - I hope you visit Merry and Bright many times this season.  Happy holidays!

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