Thursday, November 1, 2018

'Tis the Season, Once Again

Ah, November 1, when we all start to celebrate the season heartily and with much aplomb!   Hmmm... I'd better check on my supply of aplomb - might need to run to the store.  Oh heck - Amazon will deliver me a nice fresh batch of alpomb if my stocks are low...

Lest you think Der Bingle has already been hitting the eggnog, let me assure you, it's just the excitement for another wonderful Christmas season here at Merry & Bright!  We've only one week left to go before the political ads stop, and I'm spending time away from the TV now anyway working on preparations for the blog, my annual Christmas comp, and my annual (third year in a row) guest DJ appearance on local radio (although "local" is now a misnomer, as you can stream the broadcast from anywhere in the world - more details closer to the day).

I've got some exciting things planned this year.  A few shares, some album reviews.  I have two artist interviews lined up that I think you'll enjoy.  And then a whole bunch of 'who knows what' - just whatever pops up and amuses me. 

Stick around!

Christmas Eve 2017

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  1. Today was the first time in a long time that I didn't rip any Christmas music from vinyl. Instead, I'm starting to scan all these album covers. That's going to take a good long time. We'll see how far I get. :)