Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Lists

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas lists anymore.  Although I respect their utility for Christmas shoppers, I like to view them more as 'guidelines' than precise lists.  After a couple Christmases long ago where I had a detailed list, and I got exactly what was on the detailed list, which had simply no element of surprise to the gift-opening extravaganza, I started moving away from them.  I do have an Amazon Wish List, used as much as a placeholder for myself than for people shopping for me, but other than that in the past few years I have not given anyone a Christmas list.  One reason is that, especially with my children, I like to see what they come up with on their own instead of just picking something off the the list.  The best presents are those that come from the spur of the moment, the "Hey!  Dad would like that!" times.

So, this year, my five children gave me:
1.  Book "Kansas City Noir", Book "Secrets of the European Micro-States", and a nice dark red casual shirt.
2.  Gift cards to two local restaurants (for me and my wife)
3.  Bottle of amazing local-distilled whiskey (Rieger) and a KC Plaza ornament
4.  Certificate for two tickets to the Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka, KS
5.  "Queer Eye" book and Christmas drink coaster

Only the European Micro-States book was on my Amazon list (and it was buried deep - #1 daughter likes to go as old as possible on my wish-list).  "Queer Eye" book was from #5 child (#3 daughter), who saw it on display and thought it would be good (it is!).  Evel Knievel Museum tickets couldn't have been more unexpected, but it will be a great visit!  All the children are great gift-givers (as is my wife).

My oldest son kicked off our family Christmas with his announcement that he has finished the first draft of a novel, and handed out copies of Chapter One.  The novel is titled "So Cold Down Along the Beach".  Can anyone tell me where the title comes from?

It was a great Christmas with the family.  Looking forward to many more.  And looking forward to that Evel Knievel museum :-)