Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Harp and Holly

Well hi there - it's been a few days, especially smack dab in the heart of the Christmas season.  All is well in these parts, Der Bingle has just been kinda swamped with stuff, including a tri-evening of Christmas outings here in Kansas City - Crown Center/Union Station, Winterfest at Worlds of Fun, and the Christmas Festival with the Kansas City Symphony.  But, I'm back, and hope to get several posts out over the next few days and get caught up a bit.

Tonight I have another share for you - Luis Bordon "A New Christmas Spirit - Holiday for Harp and Holly".  Luis Bordon was a quite popular Paraguayan harpist/songwriter who began his career in the 1950's and performed for the rest of his life.

"A New Christmas Spirit" will be a wonderful addition to your downloaded Christmas collection.  It features 13 songs, some familiar, some perhaps not.  One in particular is new to me, and I'm sorta hoping someone with more background in South American culture can comment and give some info about it.  The song is "En Un Burrito Orejon".  Apparently, according to Google Translate, it is literally about a burrito.  Some of the translated lyrics are:

Do not cry anymore, my life
Christmas is coming,
San José and Maria will bring
a burrito orejón
nougat loaded,
San Jose and Maria will come
and on a donkey
they will pass through here.

Do not cry anymore, my little girl
I'm kneading the bread,
marzipan with honey,
and the faithful humita,
Warm is in the pan.

They will come in a burrito
Bethlehem road.
Beloved all beloved,
beloved of the child God.
Around here they will come
and they will kiss you
when Christmas arrives

Now, Mr. Bordon's version is instrumental only, but "En Un Burrito Orejon" must be a popular Christmas song in South American culture. 

This is a nice album, well performed, snappy and happy.  I will say that this is one where there are a few little audio glitches, so I am planning to re-master it next year and re-share, with better audio.  But, I wanted to share it out this year anyway, audio hiccups and all.

And, as you can see from the image, the cover was in pretty rough shape.  A risk of the vintage vinyl trade, and a consequence of a blogger with no meaningful Photoshop skills.  So, disclaimers aside, please enjoy Luis Bordon, harpist, and "A New Christmas Spirit - Holiday for Harp and Holly"

download link


  1. Nice one! I've never been able to piece together the complete discography, but I could swear I've seen a volume 2. Keep your eyes open and let me know if you find it! Thanks for the download!

  2. I'll do that - I really enjoyed this record. The harp is a nice change - very refreshing.

  3. I believe "burrito" is literally "little donkey" (burro + ito).

    I love Luis Bordon stuff. I never saw this package. I've seen two albums that were collected on a CD. It is available to stream:

  4. Aha! Burrito - small burro - makes sense. Sounded like a sweet burrito though - nougat, honey, marzipan. The images of arriving in a burrito, though, are kinda fun.