Thursday, November 30, 2023

Radiola Company Christmas Album

Today's share is of an album that I was thrilled to find last Summer as I was flipping through the Christmas album bin at a local record store, one that I had not been to in several years.  "The First Annual Radiola Company Christmas Album", pressed in 1970, contains two classic radio programs, ones that Radiola claims have never appeared on an album before.

Side A is "The Amos 'n' Andy Christmas Show", which originally aired on December 24, 1950.  "Amos 'n' Andy" premiered as a radio sitcom in 1925 and became hugely popular, airing on radio and television with varying casts and forms until 1960.  The 1950 Christmas program is an example of the radio entertainment from that era.

Side B, though, is why I was so excited to find this record.  Side B is the December 20, 1947 episode of the "Truth or Consequences" radio program.  I've listened to this program multiple times, from other download sources on the internet, but am thrilled to have my own copy of the album.  This Christmas episode of Truth or Consequences is a tear-jerker, as the subject of the program is a wounded soldier spending Christmas in a military hospital.  Listen along as his 'consequences' play out over the course of the program.  This is radio entertainment at its finest, and a Christmas program you will not forget.

Please enjoy "The First Annual Radiola Company Christmas Album"

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