Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Christmas Album by Road 23

I occasionally go to Kickstarter and search for "Christmas" and see what projects come up.  There are usually a few Christmas records, a handful of books, some crafts, decorations, and ornaments, and once in a while the very unusual (like right now, September 3, 2014, there is a project for Krampus soap and/or ornament - I was tempted).  I always check out the music projects, and help fund the ones that stand out to me.

Today I found a project by a central Kansas (El Dorado, KS, to be precise) family band called Road 23. Fronted by Stevie Warren and joined by her husband Andrew, brother Levi, and dad Tony, Road 23 has been making music for a few years, having released two CDs along the way.

Road 23 has recorded a Christmas album and is using Kickstarter to help fund the final production of the CD.  They have a modest fundraising goal, but can use a little help to get it across the line.  I listened to Road 23's music on their website, and also hit Spotify to listen to one of their previous albums, and I liked what I heard.  Stevie has a very pleasant voice, clean and pure, and I think it will be quite well suited to a wonderful little Christmas record.  Her family bandmates are talented musicians in their own right, so I decided to help out their project.

So, loyal readers, go and visit Road 23's Kickstarter site, listen to their Christmas album story, and check out their music on their website and Spotify.  If you like what you hear, consider backing them with a few festive dollars.  Or a lot of festive dollars, if you're so inclined.  All in the name of more terrific Christmas Music!

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