Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Slovenia, Croatia, Oooh I Wanna Take You To....

Bonus points to readers who get the title of the post.  It's like on "Who's Line..." - the blog where the points don't matter.

Time for another share tonight.  Having exhausted my Slovenian Christmas albums, we're moving to their neighbor to the South and East, Croatia!  Here for your listening pleasure is "Croatian Christmas Carols" an album of 12 songs from the Croatian tradition.  Songs include "Radujte Se Narodi", "Veselje Ti Navjescujem", "Sklopi Blage Ocice", and "Narodi Nam Se".

This is a very nice recording, even though I don't speak a word of Croatian.  The singers and musicians are spirited.  There are lots of mandolins.   Oh hey!  "Tiha Noc" (track 8) is "Silent Night" - found one I know!

Like the Slovenian albums, I really love the album cover.  A nativity adapted to the look of a Croatian country village, with local folks coming to pay respects to the newly born baby in the manger.  Love the art and the regionalization of the universal meaning of Christmas.

Someone out there is going to download this and make their grandmother very happy this Christmas.

Please enjoy "Croatian Christmas Carols"  download link

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