Friday, December 9, 2016

The Bratov Avsenik Ensemble

Continuing this season's shares from the record collection of Don Lipovac, the Polka King of Kansas City, is The Bratov Avsenik Ensemble, or, more specifically, "ansambel Bratov Avsenik" with the album 'Zvezde na nebu zare'.

Or not.  Shoot.  It's in iTunes.  Oh well.  Pretty good album - too bad I can't share it.  On iTunes it's actually a double-length album - twice as many Slovenian (according to the Google translation) songs.

You know who else is on iTunes?  This guy:

Yep, Kico is on iTunes.  And I really like this record.  So much so, I included his song "Zvoncici" on my annual Christmas comp this year.  Great album cover too.  Can't share, though.  Well, maybe tomorrow...

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