Friday, July 21, 2017

Is it Christmas Music Season yet?

Ha!  What a silly question!  Stop that!  Stop that!  You're being silly!  (please comment, those who pick up that reference).

It's always Christmas Music season in the House of Bingle, though sometimes not with quite the same intensity, as, say, the months of September - January.  And, as it's pushing 100 degrees here in Kansas City today, we're not feeling a bit Wintry.

But, Christmas music season is starting to emerge on the internet, slowly but surely.  Good friend Stubby has semi-un-retired from the Christmas music internet scene, which is reason for rejoicing.

Good friend Ernie has a mega-celebration of Christmas in July going on over at his place, with loads of Christmas songs shared out from non-Christmas albums.  The dude has a superpower of being able to find these treasures.

And, our favorite Facebook group 200 Days of Christmas is already at day 45 this year, posting a Christmas song every day, many of which will be new to you (no matter who you are).  If you haven't followed 200 Days yet, you need to. Right now.  Then come back here, please.

And what about the plans for Merry and Bright this season?  Well, I'm not sure yet.  I know of a couple artist/album features I want to write up.  I'm, hoping to do some more artist interviews this year.  I'll dig into my vinyl and see what I can share out - hope to have at least a few of those again this year.  I guess I see Merry and Bright as a variety platter in the world of Christmas Music blogs - a little of this, a little of that, not all exclusively music related.  We'll see what happens.

So for now - Merry Christmas in July!  I'll be back in a couple months...


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. Bingle! Merry Christmas in July to you!

  2. Hey, Father Christmas! Since it ain't me I'm pimping, I hope you won't mind my adding Christmas Underground to your Christmas In July list. This very day, they've shared one of the most amazingly gorgeous groups I've heard in years, the Wild Raspberries (stream only, darn it...but worth it).
    Festivities are also well underway at Christmas TV History.

  3. You are way, way too kind, Mr. Bingle! Thank you so much for the shout-out. It makes me deliriously happy that some of your followers are following #200DaysofXmas as well!

  4. Don't let the heat keep you down... I want more people writing about Christmas music during the year. So... why not start in August :)