Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coming Soon to Merry and Bright!

Spring is here, which brings baseball, volleyball, and dance to the Der Bingle family, leaving little time for new posts here.  But, I have several things in the works, as soon as the schedule allows.  Working on more posts in the Cuneo Christmas book series.  I know photos of books aren't the most thrilling things you can find on the internet, but I hope you are enjoying them.  I acquired a couple more ('53 and '54) from eBay this week, so I'll work them in.

Christmas blog readers may remember Stubby's review of jazz singer Jillaine's Christmas CD release from 2011.  I've received this CD from Jillaine for review, as well as her two other albums.  I'll save my review of her Christmas CD for closer to the season, but I'll get reviews of the non-Christmas works written and posted  here in the next few weeks. 

I'm working on meeting up with one of the major players in Christmas music on the web here in a month or so.  Just a social meet and greet and chat about Christmas music :-)   If it happens, it'll be fully documented here.

I need to get out and visit some thrift stores to stock up for sharing season this year.  I have a few that didn't get shared last season, but I need to add some more to the library to have enough to keep the music flowing all through the season.

Any wish lists from readers?  Albums that I can keep an eye out for?  Others (Ernie, Captain OT) have had great success finding 45s of awesome Christmas songs.  I have not been able to find comparable treasures on 45.  In fact, I don't think I've seen any Christmas 45s yet.  Well, maybe a couple on the Peter Pan label, but they appeared to be in pretty bad shape.  The hit rate is so low in finding Christmas 45s that I shy away from them, not wanting to take a lot of time in a fruitless search.  Anyway - if there are special Christmas music wishes, post them in a comment and I'll see if they turn up.

That's all for now - back soon......