Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone.  This will be (probably) the last post of the season.  As usual, my intentions exceeded capacity this season, so there are things left undone and put into storage for next year.  Fortunately, Christmas music is timeless, and a song or an album aged one year more doesn't lose any of the joy we as Christmas music fans can experience from it.

I owe the awesome band Make Like Monkeys a full article - that is a priority feature for 2020.

Covering more of Ren Geisick's Christmas music is a must.

I intended to review Wynton Marsalis' Big Band Holidays II, and excellent 2019 release, but it didn't happen.  2020 list - added.

And several artists who sent me info were, fortunately, covered at the other great Christmas Music blogs, notably the Sons of Old Town Collective, who released Vol 3 of their Christmas Extravaganza.  Thanks to Christmas a Go Go for their feature.

Finally, tips of the hat to all the other Christmas bloggers whose sites I frequent as often as possible during the season (and more often than not, after the season):

Ernie (Not Bert)
Tim Neely's Christmas Songs of the Day
Christmas Underground
Hip Christmas
Christmas a Go Go
Christmas TV History  (TV, not music, but an absolute fave site)

And a special nod to the site that started all this for me, by the man himself The King of Jingaling and the Fa's Festive Forums.

And a final salute to Stubby, whose House of Christmas is in retirement, but who kept us in the know about so many new releases and old favorites through the Fa.  Well done sir!

Until the next post...  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Aaron Henton  (Der Bingle)