Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Christmas Kickstarter: Andrea Hamilton

Following the successful Kickstarter campaigns from Elizabeth Chan and The Bowmans, I now would like to call your attention to another very worthy Kickstarter project from Andrea Hamilton.  Andrea is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who is producing a Christmas album and is asking for a quite modest contribution from all of us Christmas music lovers to help bring the project to completion.  Andrea is asking for $6000, and with about 10 days to go is less than $1800 away from funding.  So close!

Andrea Hamilton Kickstarter

Andrea has some great perks for backers, starting with the Christmas CD, of course.  But for the truly inspired backers, you can receive Andrea's previously released CDs, a live performance DVD, a custom Youtube video, a Valentine's Day performance, vocal lessons, and more! 

Want to know more about Andrea the Artist?  Visit her website, hopefulpop.com.



So, please take a few moments to check out Andrea's project page, and if you're as impressed as I am, send a few dollars her way to back this truly worthy seasonal project. 

Andrea Hamilton Kickstarter

Monday, September 9, 2013

*Now* You Rear Your Ugly Head, Summertime?

Holy smokes - Ol' Man Summer waited until September 8 to hit 100 degrees in Kansas City.  Over the past few years, it seems that every September we get one penultimate blast of heat in September that reminds us that Fall isn't for a couple more weeks.  (The Last Blast? - usually 2 days in October that hit 93ish, then we settle into cooler weather).

But, I can't complain.  One day at or above 100 this year compared to something like 26 last year.  And, late in the season, I had my AC tuned up on Friday.  So it was ready for the heat :-)

Not that my readers tune in here for the latest in Kansas City weather...

Christmas Music update:  have ripped three or four more albums for sharing since last week, plus one just for me - a 4-record set of Lawrence Welk's Christmas music.  It's in terrific condition, the music is awesome - love that Myron Floren on the accordion - but I can't share it because the music has been released on CD.  I've had it for a couple of years but had not gotten around to ripping it, so I decided it was time.  If you have memories (fond or maybe not quite so much) of the Lawrence Welk Show in the 60s and 70s, give his Christmas music a listen sometime - I think you'll like it.

Next post:  Cuneo Christmas Books - building the collection...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Sound of a Blog Awakening...

Good day readers!  It's September 3 in the year 2013, and we are one day past Labor Day (here in the U.S.A. - for international readers I suspect it's just a normal Tuesday).  September is a great month as the first of the Brrr (or, if you prefer, Ber) months, leading up to our favorite month, December.

Here in Kansas City, September usually is very consistent in two things:  the last heat wave of the year, and ragweed.  It's actually been a milder Summer than the past few, with the hottest day of the year reaching 99 degrees, and that was just last week.  We are heading into the low 90s again at the end of this week, so I suppose you could consider that a heat wave, but it's quite tolerable.  We'll start to see evenings cooling off nicely as Summer winds down.

And even the ragweed hasn't been miserable tihs year.  I was outside for quite a while yesterday with very few signs that the ragweed pollen was high.  So, I can't complain.

Do you know what else September brings?  The start of Christmas music ripping season!  Yes indeed.  Last night I transferred the first Christmas vinyl of the year to digital.  Steps one and two complete (initial ripping, first phase cleaning through the magic of ClickRepair).  I also took a bit of time to inventory the selections for this season.   I think I have a nice, eclectic selection of music or you to enjoy this year.

And, now it's time to start the work week.  Happy post-Labor day all!