Thursday, May 23, 2013

Christmas Song Kickstarter from Elizabeth Chan

For Elizabeth Chan, Christmas songs don't stop when the New Year rings in.  Elizabeth loves Chrismas music so much, she writes a new song nearly every day.  In fact, she has written over 300 songs to date!  Merry Christmas, indeed!

Many of you may know of Elizabeth via the Christmas music blogosphere.  I remember coming across her work sometime during the last Christmas season, maybe over at Stubby's place, or was it at Santas Working Overtime?  I don't recall for sure, but I know I was impressed at her diligence and dedication to her very focused craft.

Well, now Elizabeth has selected the best of her original Christmas songs to record for a new EP.  And, she has a Kickstarter project created to help fund it.

For a taste of Christmas in May (or June), please visit Elizabeth's Kickstarter site, and if you like what you see and hear, pitch in to help produce the new record.

Elizabeth Chan Kickstarter

Want to know more about Elizabeth?  Here's her very festive website:  Liz Chan Christmas