Sunday, January 2, 2022

Wrapping Up 2021

Well, I guess I'll wrap things up for the 2021 season.  It's been a pretty good one, I think.  Some music shared, some artists interviewed, a lot of great new songs.  Since Christmas Day I've re-sorted and re-organized the Christmas CDs, so there is a bit more method to their storage now.  I've tried to get the Christmas books re-shelved and the vinyl generally in its right spot.  At least my Christmas room/home office looks neater now.

Winter finally arrived in Kansas City.  We set records for high temps on several days in December, Christmas Eve being one of those days (66 degrees, I think).  On New Year's Eve it hit 57 here, then on New Year's Day it dropped to 7, with ice, sleet, and snow.  We're in for a cold week.  But I love it.

Christmas celebrations are actually still pending for us.  One of the family units got hit with COVID (all mild, all recovering), so the larger celebration has been postponed until (probably) the weekend of the 7th.  A longer Christmas season is good, though I wish COVID was not the reason.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this year.  I hope you found the blog worth your while, and different than what you can find elsewhere.  I and all the other bloggers have our lanes, all contributing differently, for a pretty unique and full holiday experience.  

Thanks to all the musicians who sent me their music - keep on creating!

Thanks to Ernie, Brad, Rob, Greg, Joanna, Mitchell, Scott, Hugh, Lee, and all the others who contribute to Christmas merriment every year.

Thanks to Jeni for letting me co-publish your short story.

Extra special thanks to Rehya, for letting me be a part of your new album release this year.

You never know when I'll pop out a new random blog post, so please follow the blog to get a notification.

And so (random off-season posts notwithstanding), I'll see you all in November!

Aaron Henton