Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here Come the Judge

For my first music share, here is my favorite song from childhood: "Here Come the Judge" by The Magistrates. I haven't found a lot of information about this song on the web, but there is obviously a heavy "Laugh In" influence. You can hear performers that sound a lot like Gary Owen, Judy Carne, and Arte Johnson. Might be Joann Worley in there as well. And there's the "Sock It To Me" segment, straight from "Laugh In".

The record label credits "Gross-Freda" as the song writer, and says "Featuring the Voice of Jean Hillary". 

Update:  I found some information about the song at the following website about The Dovells, who briefly became the Magistrates in 1968:  The Dovells.  The account of the song being created, recorded, and sold within 48 hours seems apocryphal, but at least now we know that Gross-Freda are Jerry Gross and Mike Freda. 


Here Come the Judge

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