Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sharity Blues

Getting into the Christmas music sharing hobby has some ups and downs. Lots of ups - great music, excellent and exciting vinyl finds, sharing the good stuff with the rest of the Christmas music world. But, as I'm finding out, one also encounters a few downs.

So here's Sharity Blues Entry #1.

Found a great looking Pied Pipers album at a local record store. Cover was in great shape. Love the artwork!

In the record store, I examined one side of the record. Not too bad. Not mint, for sure, but probably good enough to get a good rip from. Definitely worth the 50 cents I paid that day (local record store gives some gooooood deals...)

And then, I got the record home, pulled it out of the cover, and saw this on the other side:

Who knows how many years ago, someone taped, TAPED!!!, a flexi-disc, FREE AUDITION record to the Pied Pipers album. And left it there. Forever.

Any idea what 40 year old tape does to vinyl? Think it will come off? Hint: it will not. Sigh.

But, as with any good Christmas story, there's a happy ending. I found that Captain OT over at A Christmas Yuleblog had previously shared this album, with a different cover. I believe the music is the same, just the artwork is different. I give Captain OT the nod for adorableness :-)

So, avoid the sharity blues and jump over to the Captain's place for The Pied Pipers.


  1. The good Cap'n was reviewing my share of that LP, actually, but no big deal. I think I've actually found four different covers for it now. And only four of the tracks are performed by The Pied Pipers. One of them is Thurl Ravenscroft, one I think is Norma Zimmer, and the other names escape me at the moment.

  2. Oops - you're right. Sorry Ernie.

    While the taped-on record made for an interesting find, it was kind of a bummer. Glad you had shared it out already. And glad it only cost me 50 cents.