Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Mixes from Dinsdale Kringle

Our friend Dinsdale Kringle over at Santas Working Overtime has created some pretty awesome Christmas music mixes on  Here's a link to one of his posts on SWO:

Sister Winter Mix

From the SWO page you'll be linked to, where you can see all of Dinsdale's mixes.

I jumped on to the app store on my iPhone, downloaded the 8tracks radio app, and am now enjoying Dinsdale's "Oh God No, It's Christmas" mix.  Like I said earlier, pretty awesome.  Between this and the Live 365 app to stay connected to Sounds of Christmas, I'll have plenty of Christmas tunes available next week on my quick business trip to Denver.

Check out these great mixes from friend Dinsdale Kringle!

Santas Working Overtime

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  1. Hey Der Bingle! Thanks for the mention! Now my son thinks I'm some kind of celebrity.