Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Cheesy CD Giveaway!

Earlier this year I made a contribution to become a backer for Richard Cheese's Kickstarter project, a new Christmas CD from Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine titled "Cocktails with Santa".  I was a big fan of his previous Christmas release "Silent Nightclub", so I jumped at the chance to back a new Cheese Christmas CD.

The package I chose as a backer included not only an autographed CD from Senor Queso himself (yahoo!), but also 5 other copies of the CD to give away to friends and family.

So, I've decided to give one copy away to a lucky Merry and Bright reader!

Well, a lucky and skilled Merry and Bright reader...

What skills, you may ask?  Well, it should be pretty easy for my internet-savvy readers.  I believe in supporting independent artists, those out of the mainstream and giving it all to earn a living as a musician. Some of the small things I can do to help is give them exposure here in this blog, and also provide links to their websites.  So, in order to be eligible to win your very own copy of "Cocktails with Santa", you will need to visit Richard's website and find a piece of information, and send it to me via e-mail.  The winner will be selected at random from all of the e-mails I receive with the correct information.

Ready?  OK - here's what you need to do.  Visit Richard Cheese's website,, and find his "Latest News" page.  Then, find the list of CDs that are out of print and will no longer be produced once the current stock is sold out.  Then, find the second album on the list.  Once you have the name of the album, send me an e-mail at with "I Want Some Cheese" in the subject line, and in the body of the e-mail, write the title of the album from the website.  Also, please include your name and city of residence.  The contest will run through December 1st, then the winner will be selected.  I'll contact the winner via e-mail for a mailing address.

Contest rules:
1.  No purchase necessary.  I don't sell anything, so this is easy.
2.  One entry per e-mail address please.  Multiple entries from the same e-mail will be disqualified.
3.  I will identify the winner in the blog by first name and city of residence, like "Bob from Toluca Lake, CA".
4.  I will not disclose the winner's e-mail address, with one exception.  If Richard Cheese contacts me and would like the e-mail address, I will provide it to him.  Otherwise, your e-mail is safe with me.
5.  This contest is not endorsed by nor connected in any way to Richard Cheese, LoungeMart, or anyone except the author of this blog.
6.  The CD I am giving away is from my personal collection, and was obtained via the Kickstarter campaign.
7.  Please do not make unauthorized copies of the CD to give away.  Support the artist with legal music purchases.
8.  All contest rules, decisions, and actions are under the sole discretion of the author of this blog.

Ok - ready - go get Cheesy!

Richard Cheese website

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