Monday, November 16, 2015

Sons of Old Town Collective: Xmas Extravaganza Vol. I

This time of year sites such as Bandcamp and Noisetrade are treasure troves of Christmas music by new, emerging artists, putting their art and talent out there for all to sample and (hopefully) buy.

Sons of Old Town Collective is such a band.  From their Bandcap site description "Sons of Old Town Collective is a group of friends-bands that enjoy making music and spreading cheer."  How about that?  Is there really anything better than a group of friends getting together and making music, especially Christmas music?

John Davey, Wilderness Alive, and Cory Taylor Cox, member musicians in the collective, have produced a 4-song collection titled "Xmas Extravaganza Vol 1".  I always like Volume I's, as that usually implies more is to come.

The first three songs are original compositions by the musicians, and the closer is a great, harmonious rendition of "Here We Come A'Caroling" performed by all of this talented group of friends.

"Home in a Midwest Minute" by John Davey has a nostalgic feel, a song of a young man returning home to his Midwest family in the "wider spaces" after time spent away in the city.

"Holiday Optimism" by Cory Taylor Cox takes a quirky look at making the best of the holiday season.  We all know that, while it it a season of joy and celebration, there can be a dark side to the holidays - the pressures of relationships, finances, family.  "Holiday Optimism" shows that there is always brightness, whether it's"a stocking hanging next to mine with your name on it" or wearing your Christmas sweaters, or even simply red and green construction paper.  Cory's song is a message to those who may be a little Grinchy during the Christmas season - there is reason for a bright outlook and optimism everywhere you look.

Go check out "Xmas Extravaganza", and if you like what you hear, support the musicians of the Collective with a purchase.

Video promo to learn more about their record!  link

"Xmas Extravaganza Vol. I" at Bandcamp

Learn more about Sons of Old Town Collective at their website.

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