Monday, November 27, 2017

NOT for Spring, Summer, or Fall. Or Autumn.

Tonight's share is "Christmas Music for the Winter Season".  It clearly states "Winter", so perhaps I'm sharing this out a bit soon.  But, you know, when Winter *actually* arrives, it's almost too late, so damn the torpedoes, here it is. 

"Christmas Music for the Winter Season" is a collection of 14 traditional songs recorded in Europe.  Says so right on the label:

Side A contains more spiritual carols - "Silent Night", "The First Noel", "Adeste Fideles" and so on.  Side B is the more secular side, your "White Christmas", your "Jingle Bells".  Well, maybe not "your" "Jingle Bells".  The arrange is very creative, and contains a segment where the orchestra goes off somewhere for a bit of a waltz before returning to your standard jingling and dashing through the snow.

All in all, it's a pretty nice little record.  It shows its age in places, so there is a tad bit of noise, but overall it's very pretty seasonal music and I think you'll like it.

Wait!  Did I say 14 songs?  This record is a futurist trend setter, folks.  Remember the early days of CDs, when bands would have a hidden, extra song on the CD?  Not listed on the label, and sometimes it would be hidden after 7 minutes of silence on the last track.  Well, there are 15 songs here, friends.  15!  Says 14 on the album cover, says 14 on the labels.  But, there's an extra cut of "Jingle Bells", a whole different arrangement, closing out the record.  Those sneaky orchestral Europeans :-)

Oh, and as another highlight, you get both "March of the Toys" and "March of Toys".  Yep.

Lastly, the back cover's orientation was maintained in the image file.  It is oriented at a 90 degree angle from the front. 

This album was lent to me by ol' buddy Tom W. (hence the "W" crayoned in on the cover next to Santa).  Buddy Tom's records will be featured again here a few times this season.

Please enjoy fifteen songs by a European orchestra recorded secretly one midnight in the Black Forest...

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  1. I have a download of this album from another blog that's got the tracks in a different order on another label- same cover though. Weird.