Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dispatch from Planet Comicon: Author J.R. Frontera

As I mentioned in the previous post, local author J.R. Frontera was at the Wordwraiths Books table along with Kristin Helling.  Intrigued by some of her books, I made my way back to their table after my initial visit (and purchase of Kristin's Christmas book) to buy a copy of J.R's collection of science fiction stories titled "End of Line".

It's a compact book, with six short sci-fi stories, perfect for taking with you as a read-on-the-go (as long as you're not driving - safety first) or as an accompaniment for a quiet Sunday morning at home with a cup of coffee.  Either way, "End of Line" is a great little bunch of stories.

The opener "Black-market Body" is a strong, dark tale of Transference, a body-swap (or intellect/soul-swap, depending on your point of view) between two persons.  Of all the stories in "End of Line", this one has the most depth and tension.  It stands alone very well, however, as is described in the author's note, it is also the foundation for a novel, establishing key characters and plot points.  Ms. Frontera has very skillfully given us a complete story while in parallel setting up the framework for a long form.  Well done :-)

"P.U.P.P.E.T" is an excellent very short work full of aliens on a distant planet and a robot sent for a very crucial mission.  "In Compensation" is an extra-worldly exercise in surprise.  And the closing story "A Lovely Day for a Parade" is quite funny, a break in the darkness in the preceding stories (recognized as such by the author).  And it has werewolves.  You know, because, werewolves in a parade.

The author's notes at the end of each story provide the reader with insight into the creation of each story, many from writer's exercises and story prompts.  For me, the notes add a lot into the book overall, letting me get a glimpse of the author's mind at work.  Pretty cool.

You can get a copy of the book on Amazon (link is below).  However, if you'd like a free copy, and have an e-reader, you can get it for nothing but a little information and signing up on J.R's e-mail list on her website.  Me, I'm glad I bought a hard copy (signed, inscribed - I'm a sucker for signed books).  If you decide to treat yourself with the free version, please check out her other works while you're there, and if you like "End of Line" as much as I did, then support the author with a purchase of one of her other books.

J.R. Frontera website
Wordwraiths Books website
"End of Line" on Amazon
Author page on Amazon

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