Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas Collectible Book: "A Christmas Day with Longfellow"

Yesterday (Broke Saturday, 11/24/18), I went to one of the local antique malls looking for a vintage aluminum Christmas tree, with low expectations of actually finding one, but it's always fun to go anyway.  I was correct about the tree, but did find a very nice little antique Christmas book, "A Christmas Day with Longfellow", published by Charles E. Graham & Co.  I can't find an exact publication date, but the internet seems to point to the early 1900s and perhaps earlier.  It may have been part of a series by the publisher, as there is an internet listing for "A Christmas Day with Havergal" by the same publisher that has the same tiny "0922 Christmas Wish Series" printed on the back cover.

The cover is worn, as expected of a book that is over 100 years old.  The pages, though yellowed, are in excellent condition, and the printed verse and artwork is quite beautiful.  The book was not priced at the mall - the proprietors called the dealer who quoted a price of $3.  Sold!

The spine of the book is fairly fragile, which diminishes the value (not so important to me), but allowed me to scan the book so I can share it with you here.  Please enjoy the following images of "A Christmas Day with Longfellow".

Front Cover

Page 1

Pages 2-3

Pages 4-5

Pages 6-7

Pages 8-9

Pages 10-11

Page 12

Back Cover


  1. That's an interesting little book. I wonder if there are any more in the series readily found. Thanks for posting!

    My grandmother bought an aluminum tree in the early '60s and I just never warmed to it. There was no Christmas tree fragrance, so it was lacking that part of the "tree experience". I can't recall how many times I had a bad cold at Christmas and couldn't smell a tree anyway so when I was able to smell one, it was so much better...

  2. Hey, I have the “Christmas Bells” version that looks just like this one but with a different cover and art, it has a note in it dated from 1918. I found it in my great grandmothers things. Was wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about it.

    1. There's still not much available on the web about this, or "Christmas Bells". There are some books from this publisher listed as 1910. A 1918 edition is very cool!

  3. I have the one Christmas bells is it worth any mo ney?

  4. I have this exact book, found in an antique store many years ago. I read it every year at Christmas. Adore the illustrations.

    1. I love finding little books like this in antique stores!