Friday, December 21, 2018

New Music: Jenna & Martin "Gingerbread"

I like Christmas music.  And I like local musicians.  And there just isn't much better than local musicians releasing Christmas songs, especially when the songs are as good as the three on Jenna & Martin's three-song release "Gingerbread".

Jenna is Jenna Rae, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and Martin is Martin Farrell, Jr, um, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter... you get the picture - they are a talented duo.

"Gingerbread" is a brand new release, and it's terrific.  "All I Want for Christmas (Is to Hold You)" opens the record, and the only way to put it is that it's a damned fine country Christmas song.  I've been finding myself wanting to hear this again and again this past week.  It has a really pure, into-your-soul country music sound, and Jenna's vocals are just fantastic.

"Boot Hockey" follows, an uptempo ditty that you simply must hear to appreciate - ice skating, boot hockey, being stuck in a snowbank, and a napping Santa Claus make this a fine little song - hearkens me back to rural Kansas, where I grew up.

"I Can't Stand Another Christmas" closes the 3-song record, a tale of (perhaps) Christmas overdone just a tad, as with the lyric "Your body don't need eggnog every single day".  It's a masterful country song about Christmas, upbeat music with lyrics that are a bit dark.  It compares well with the great songs on Rodney Crowell's "Christmas Everywhere" album (released in 2018).


Dang, I love this record.  Der Bingle is admittedly not the biggest fan of country music in these parts, but when it's done this well with the heart of Jenna & Martin, well I can't help but dig it!

Oh - hey!  Look at this!  It's a film Jenna & Martin made to promote "Gingerbread" - it's great!

Jenna & Martin website
"Gingerbread" Amazon link
"Gingerbread" is also available at all the usual digital platforms

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