Wednesday, November 3, 2021

2021 Holidays Are Here!

 Hello everyone!  A hearty welcome to the 2021 holiday season!

2020 was a huge blur.  Sometimes it feels like it didn't happen - it's a mental black hole.  Thanksgiving 2020 was just for the people who lived in the house at the time, plus delivered pies :-)  Christmas 2020 was held via Zoom following socially-distanced present dropoffs.  And as I mentioned in my earlier post, our household caught COVID over the 2020 holidays.  All are well now, all vaccinated and looking forward to a more normal Christmas in 2021.

And so it's time for Merry & Bright to return.  I have a few things planned, but there will be a play-it-as-it-goes aspect this year.  I will have a few music shares, but haven't done much crate-digging this year, so the stocks are low.  I have some new music to feature, and a few creator interviews planned.  There may be some vintage Christmas book posts, and I have a couple pure opinion pieces planned.  I have an idea for a possible reader-sourced feature, too. We'll see about that one, and if it comes together.

So, welcome back everyone!  Be on the lookout for the first new music feature here in a couple days.  Please leave comments if you enjoy what you read - I like knowing you're out there :-)

Happy Holiday Season 2021!


  1. Glad you're back for another year, Der Bingle! Per your request, here is a comment. :p

    I've got a Christmas music RSS feed I fire up every November, and your site is on it. I'll download a couple of the albums you share each year and give them a good listen. I prefer new songs from original artists, but when your description sounds especially interesting I'll dive in.

    Glad to hear you and yours are fully vaxxed (as are mine) and ready to enjoy a more traditional holiday season this year!

  2. What? Is the holiday season upon us already?

    *Groans loudly, rolls over and starts snoring, again, loudly*

  3. Glad you are back...You are one of my traditions. I prefer the 'old' music, and love the vintage book recommendations. Thanks for returning!

  4. Welcome back! Always look forward to seeing what's new this year. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.