Friday, December 17, 2021

More Organ Music: Virgil Fox

Tonight's share is Christmas Carols on the Organ, performed by Virgil Fox.  Sixteen tracks, mostly our familiar favorites, but also a couple lesser known songs.  "The Snow Lay on the Ground", per the album cover, is "another example of the dance-like rhythm found in the old folk melodies".  "I Know a Rose-Tree Springing", a German carol, allegedly dates back to the time of Martin Luther.  

The album closes with "Christmas", a variation based on "O Come All Ye Faithful", written by Belgian organist Gaston Dethier.  When it comes to organ music arranging, no one writes like Gaston, or wears tights like Gaston, no one is as polite or contrite as Gaston.

And with that, I give you Christmas Carols on the Organ, by Virgil Fox.  Enjoy!

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