Friday, November 10, 2023

Rehya Stevens - New Christmas Album!

Rehya Stevens, great friend of Merry & Bright and first-ballot M&B Hall of Famer (if I ever get around to creating a Merry & Bright Hall of Fame) is back in 2023 with a new album of Christmas music.  Santa's Taking Over the Town features 10 new songs, all originals, all bubbling over with the Christmas spirit and sound, and all some of the best new Christmas music you will hear this year.

But wait! There's more!  Santa's Taking Over the Town is available as a Deluxe Edition CD, personally signed with love and affection by Rehya, and including Rehya's 2021 Tis the Season album. That's 21 songs by the reigning West Coast Empress of Christmas music!  You can find this and all of Rehya's music at her website.

Rehya Stevens is a truly gifted musician, songwriter, and singer, and her decision to favor us with so many new Christmas songs is truly a blessing.  Since her debut holiday album Celebrate, she has honed her craft, and, surrounded by top-tier musicians and producers, creates shining, glowing, tree-topper-worthy Christmas songs.  Rehya explores many genres - pure pop, bluesy, upbeat rockers, sentimental, and spiritual.

The album opener "Christmas is Near" has the sound of a throwback to the golden age of Christmas music, superbly orchestrated and majestic.  "Don't Be Late" has a whimsical feel, Christmas traditions and waiting for Santa through the eyes of a child.  It brings back to me all those Christmas Eve feelings from when I was 7 years old.

"Santa's Takin' Over the Town" has a definite Chuck Berry vibe going on.  Classic rock and roll beats and licks, awesome piano playing, and a whoopin' hoopin' song about Santa and Rudolph hittin' the town.  (This is a Der Bingle fave...)

"Be My Baby by Christmas Night" is an ode to someone very special to Rehya.  I won't give it away here, but if you visit Rehya's Facebook page you'll find the whole story.

"Early Winter" is a sentimental look at the passing of seasons, our relationships, our memories, and times happy and sad.  It's an absolutely beautiful song.

In "Me, Myself & I", Rehya belts out the blues - whoa!  

The album closes with "Spread a Little Love for Christmas", a tropical-sounding fun little ditty with a happy, party attitude.  It's a dance celebration of a song, full of energy and positivity!

Photo by Katie Kennedy

Rehya Stevens is one of the nicest, kindest, and positive people I know.  She is a genuine, caring person, and has made friends with many of us in the Christmas music collector community.  I think that everyone who has gotten to know Rehya, if not in person than via e-mail, Zoom, podcast recording, etc, will agree that she is a treasure as a human being, one who carries the spirit of Christmas with her always.

Please follow Rehya on her Facebook page - you'll hear lots from her this season, as she shares stories about Santa's Taking Over the Town, Tis the Season, and more!

Oh - and you just might hear a bit from Rehya herself here at Merry & Bright, if you're all on the Nice List.

Rehya Stevens Facebook

Rehya Stevens website

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