Friday, December 17, 2010

Check - Good - OK

Ok, tonight's share is really more for the back cover than the music.  This is "Zenith presents Chistmas A Gift of Music Vol. 3".  The song and artist selections are pretty decent.  The record itself was not in too great a shape.  But what I liked was the notes inked in on the back cover.  Checkmark, I presume, means the best songs, according to the original owner.  "Good" is probably the next level, followed by "ok".  It's one more level of critique than Siskel and Ebert gave us.

Oh, and, you'll note that "O Tannenbaum" by The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra is "a little loud".

Love the notes on these records :-)

I probably should have removed a couple of the highly available songs from the zip file, but I decided to leave them.  It's likely that most of the visitors here already have Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald, and the audio quality here just ain't that superb.  I'm sharing this more for the fun of the cover than the tunes.  If there's a song that you're dying for a clean version of, let me know and I'll work on the individual track.

Here it is - Volume 3 from Zenith. 

Download link


  1. It's also likely that the record was from a radio station and the notes are for the DJ's. I've gotten records with labels from record stations with comments on how to use the tracks on air.

  2. Thank you so much for recording this and sharing! I love it! Do you have Vol 6?
    Christmas Blessings!

  3. I don't have volume 6, but will keep an eye out for it when I'm out in the thrift stores. I'm glad you are enjoying it!