Friday, December 10, 2010

Vintage Christmas

A quick post this morning.  Here are a few pictures from Christmases in the house of Der Bingle in the mid 1960's.  These are probably in the 1965 - 1968 time frame.  Dig that crazy Christmas tree!  Check out that groovy floor lamp!

I definitely remember putting up this Christmas tree for a few years.  We replaced it with a lifelike artifical green tree sometime in the early '70s.  I don't remember if we disposed of this one then, or if it was lost in an outbuilding fire we had in 1977.  Anyway, it is no more, and exists only in these and a few other pictures.


  1. Love the vintage pictures. We always had a live tree, but we did have those floor lamps.

  2. Awesome pictures... some great memories, huh?

  3. These are from three different years, and the tree is in three different parts of the same room - right corner, middle, left corner.

  4. Great photos. We had one of those aluminum trees for 2 Christmas in 1967 and 1968. I sold it for my Dad on ebay back in 2003 for around $105.00. We got a 7 1/2 foot green artifical tree in 1969 when the local W. T. Grant's had their going out of business sale. My Dad used it every Christmas right up until his last Christmas in 2008.

    Dave W.