Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rocky and Balls

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I'm going to step away from old vinyl music sharing for a bit so I can introduce you to some terrific new music.  Rocky and Balls released a new album this week, available on their Bandcamp website in a limited edition CD and a not-limited edition download.  Rocky, aka Hannah-Rei, and Balls, aka Sophie Madeleine, are a pair of young, lovely, and superbly talented English musicians.  Apart, they have given us some excellent music (Sophie has the happiest music video ever - "You Are My Favorite").  Together, they have given us a collection of beautiful, witty, and entertaining songs that will make you smile and laugh.

Since the heart of Merry and Bright is Christmas music, I'll call special attention to a little bit of Christmas in May from Rocky and Balls - "The Christmas Song Song".  Catchy.  Hummable.  Oh-so-Christmassy.  Here's a link to their music video:

Rocky and Balls - The Christmas Song Song

If you like this, please visit their website, buy the CD (hurry!) or the download.  You can listen to their music on their site, too.

Sophie and Hannah, er, Rocky and Balls, are two of my favorite new musicians.  I think you will like them too.

Rocky and Balls

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