Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wanda Jackson #2

As promised (or implied) long, long ago (Der Bingle is having a tough time staying active in the off-season), here is another great album by the amazing Wanda Jackson. 

First of all, I *love* the album cover.  Caught my eye as soon as I walked into the record store, and even though it was a tad more than the usual 99 cents, I had to have it.

Second, the music is fantastic.  "Who Shot Sam" is a marvelously entertaining song from the "Rockin' Side".  "The Window Up Above" is a sordid tale of cheatin' from the "Sentimental Side".  And, much to my surprise, my 9-year old daughter started singing along to "Stupid Cupid".  Apparently, it was featured in the film "The Princess Diaries". 

A great album from a great music legend.  Please enjoy Wanda Jackson's "Right or Wrong".

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