Sunday, June 19, 2011

McPhatter for Father's Day

Happy Father's Day for all the Merry and Bright readers.  I have a new share for you today, albeit somewhat bittersweet. 

First, the sweet.  Today's share is "Golden Blues Hits" by the amazing Clyde McPhatter.  Clyde was the voice of the Platters' "White Christmas", a reading second only to Ol' Bing himself.  This is a collection of blues tunes by this amazing voice.  Some great music is on this recording.

Now, the bitter.  There are a couple songs here with skips that I could not get repaired.  I hate it when I can't get a clean recording, so my apologies up front.  I hope that you enjoy the clean songs and tolerate the skips.

More bitter.  What is probably the best song on the album, a cover of "What'd I Say", is not included in the share.  This track is visibly, deeply worn on the record.  Seriously, it looks way different than the surface of the rest of the record.  It must have been on Repeat and played 10,000 times by the original owner, and the rest of the record ignored.  The needle skipped all over this track - I couldn't get close to a decent rip.

So, here you go.  Not perfect, but the songs that are here are fantastic.  Please enjoy Clyde McPhatter "Golden Blues Hits"

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