Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Bowmans Christmas Album and Book on Kickstarter

Good day readers!  Here is another opportunity to support some tremendous artists on Kickstarter.  The Bowmans, Sarah and Claire Bowman, are creating a Christmas album with an accompanying illustrated storybook!

All the information about the project can be found here:

Sarah and Claire Bowman are identical twin sisters hailing from Davenport, Iowa, and are currently on tour in California.  Their Kickstarter project should appeal to all of us Christmas music lovers, especially with the bonus of a holiday-themed book.  And, if you're an animal lover, they have some special perks available.  What are they?  You'll have to go to their Kickstarter site to find out! 

For more info about Sarah and Claire, please visit their website, The Bowmans Music.  Listen to some music samples, and I think you'll be hooked.  Then, rush over to Kickstarter and help support their Christmas album.  Hurry though - you have only until August 1 to make your pledge!

I've listened, I'm hooked, I'm a backer.  I can't wait to hear their Christmas album this season!