Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Season is Approaching...

It's getting close to that time of the year....  In only 7 more days I switch over to all Christmas Music.  I've been listening to some over the past few weeks, here and there, every now and then.  The WT Grant series has been getting some play in my office.  With Halloween nearing, I'm mainly spinning some classic spooky tunes for the next few days.  But then, come Nov 1, it's Christmas Music season!

I acquire Christmas Music CDs throughout the year when I find something of interest in a thrift or used book store, and then start buying the new releases as soon as they come out.  Today was a particularly good day.  I made a couple stops, and brought home the new releases from Chris Mann (from The Voice), Colbie Caillat, Christina Perri, and the latest Now! Christmas comp (pretty good stuff on it, with a few exceptions, ahem ahem Bieber ahem).  Previously I had picked up Blake Shelton's new release.  I'm not a big country music guy, but Blake is pretty good.  I wait until Nov. 1 to listen to the new stuff each year - it's like a little treat for ol' Der Bingle.

There are more new releases (or re-releases) that I will be getting.  I think Cee Lo Green's album will be interesting.  Jumped all over the chance to order a signed Doris Day release from Real Gone today.  Then there's the upcoming new release from one of my favorite new jazz singers, Jillaine. 

And, yes, I've been working on getting some shares ready for all of you awesome Merry and Bright readers.  I have some pretty good stuff I've been preparing.  I probably won't share anything out until after Thanksgiving this year, but you never know.  Maybe one or two special treats will sneak in early.  I've been focusing on recording, and tonight was a massive ClickRepair session.  Later comes the artwork scanning and processing.  Then zipping, uploading, and posting.  It's all progressing...

Well, have a great Halloween everyone!  I'll be back in the posting swing very soon.