Saturday, April 27, 2013

Runaway Orchestra featuring Sophie Madeleine

A few weeks ago Der Bingle's fave English songstress, Sophie Madeleine, announced a new CD featuring her vocals.  "Runaway Orchestra", by The Runaway Orchestra, was released in the UK by Mr. Bongo, and is available from their website

Runaway Orchestra features musicians Tam Nightingale, Hana Pirahna, The Dirty Pretty Strings, Sam Frank, and others, as well as Sophie Madeleine.  The CD contains 10 songs, beautifully arranged and performed by this eclectic, superbly talented collection of musicians.

The opening song is "Happy Together", made popular by The Turtles (and later performed by one of Frank Zappa's bands).  The description of this song on the Mr Bongo website says it has been "re-worked as a delicate love song".  Perhaps, maybe so.  It is a beautiful rendition of the song.  But, its conversion to a minor key (disclaimer: Der Bingle has no formal music training, so maybe it's not minor, maybe it's a 7th, I don't know, but it's different) gives it a haunting, ominous tone.  Yes, it's a delicate love song, but perhaps it's a love song from a stalker.... Forgive me, musicians, for a misinterpretation, but it has taken on a chilling air.

Bob Dylan's "If Not For You" is expertly performed by The Runaway Orchestra.  Truth be told, there is not a weak song on the CD.  I love the arrangements and production.  Talent exudes from this collection.

Want a strong closing number?  Let's end with the Beatles' "Two Of Us".  Sophie Madeleine and Tam Nightingale pair their vocal work for a memorable duet.

Any time there is new music available from Sophie Madeleine, I'm happy.  Her collaboration with The Runaway Orchestra is terrific.  Please check it out on Spotify, and if you like it, go to Mr Bongo and purchase the record, and support these amazing musicians.

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