Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three for Tuesday

Ha!  Those Two-fer-Tuesday people...  Der Bingle is going for a Three-fer today.

First up, yes indeed, more music from long, long ago.  Here is "Christemas in Anglia", subtitled "Early English Music for Christmastide".   You see, I hit the ancient music jackpot one day at the thrift store, so now all of my readers reape the benefits thy hast sown, or something like that, good sir.

"Christemas in Anglia" is performed by The Ensemble for Early Music, directed by Frederick Renz.  There are 13 tracks on the record, and loads of song information on the back cover.  Plus the album cover notes by the previous owner (as there have been on the others). 

"Christemas in Anglia" download link

Second, let's cross the channel and head to old Germany, for "Frohliche Weihnachten!", yes, punctuated with a !  "Frohliche Weihnachten!" gives us 14 German Christmas carols, performed by the Mannerchor der Volkswagenstadt Wolfsburg.   I wonder if the Mannerchor sang "Silver and Gold", they would say Silver one!  Gold one!   (Terrible joke....)

Ok, without further ado, "Froliche Weihnachten!"  download link

And lastly, here's your bonus share on three-fer night.  You know the little gadgets the As Seen On TV sales throw in at the end, like a juicer that you get with a Sham-Wow?  This is sorta the free juicer of tonight's entry.  Not because its bad music, but because it's one I recorded last year, didn't get around to sharing, and didn't get to re-rip this year, so it's a little more crackly than others.  Just pretend it's the crackle of a log on the fire...

Here is "Christmas Bells with the Holiday Hand Bell Choir", an 11-track album featuring, you got it, a hand bell choir.  It's interesting, it's pretty ok, and just listen to the crackle of the fireplace!   :-)

Holiday Hand Bell Choir <link removed>

That's all for now - more to come!


  1. to bad Holiday Hand Bell Choir link is dead : (

  2. The Holiday Hand Bell Choir album became available as a commercial digital release, so I removed the share link.