Friday, December 23, 2011

Winding Down - the Penultimate Shares

Here are two more shares for my faithful readers here on the 23rd.  Christmas is pretty much a 2-day event in the house of Der Bingle.  On Christmas Eve things get going in mid-afternoon with Mass attendance, then dinner at Mom's place, then back home to settle in for the Christmas Eve evening, accompanied by "A Christmas Story", hot spiced cider, and other festivities.  Christmas morning kicks off at 7:00AM and continues through the day.

So, the pace will pick up soon.  However, I have two shares today, and will do the last one tomorrow morning.

First up today is "Christmas Is", by Pamela Wilson and the Symphony Royale of London.  This is a 1985 vinyl release on the Snowflake records label.  There are 10 songs performed by Ms. Wilson, the Coloratura Soprano with the orchestra.  Even at 10 tracks, the album is fairly short, clocking in at under 28 minutes.  The performances are good and enjoyable.

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Second is "The Magnificent Music of Christmas".  This is another of those Christmas albums with no artist credits.  It is on the "Westerfield" label, and offers up 12 tracks of orchestral/chorale music. 

Not too much more I can tell you about this record.  Please enjoy some Magnificent Music!

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