Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Cuneo Christmas Project

Back in December I posted about some wonderful Christmas books from the Cuneo Press.  Tonight I'm going to start a series of posts featuring the books I've acquired so far.  I've limited myself to the inexpensive end of the spectrum.  There are more in the series that I don't have that are higher priced out on the web, and there are also several years that I haven't found yet.  The older ones are, as expected, more elusive.

These are simply marvelous books.  Each year from 1942 through 1980, John Cuneo published a new edition, selecting stories to share for the Christmas season.  And, each book reprinted the Pope's Christmas broadcast from the prior Christmas.  This creates an amazing historical record.

Here's my helper in this little endeavor:

This antique iron horse bank belonged to my aunt, and dates to the early 20th century.  He will be my helper to hold the books open during the photo sessions :-)

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