Wednesday, February 29, 2012


There's not much going on in the world of Christmas Music bloggery these days.  Post-Christmas lull across the blogs.  Lack-of-Winter blahs.  For those at the edge of your seat regarding the so-called Winter in Kansas City, we are at an all-time low of 3.1 inches of snow for the season.  Tornados were in the area last night, with Harveyville KS (an hour and a half from KC) getting some pretty major damage.  It's very early in the year for severe weather.

Anyway - I'm hoping to get some more Cuneo Christmas books photographed and posted in the next few days.  I don't know yet whether I'll post any non-Christmas music here this off-season.  I'm leaning more toward spreading the Christmas ripping throughout the year so I'm better prepared once the season hits.  I will need to re-stock with some thrift store runs.

So - Happy Leap Day everyone!  Do something unexpected :-)


  1. We're supposed to get snow in the NYC area tonight!--Bill

  2. I always run through my favorite christmas blogs everyday hoping that there might be something but I know this time is kind of a much needed rest period for most of us christmas music fans. Take the time you deserve it. I have been looking around for some old christmas albums to rip but haven't come across anything yet.