Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Eat Fruitcake So You Don't Have To

I really like fruitcake.  Some fruitcake, anyway.  Fruitcake is excessively maligned during the holiday season, and I think many of the principle maligners have never eaten fruitcake, or at least not good fruitcake.  Like the kinds I make every year.

I've been making fruitcake every Christmas for probably seven or eight years now, a fairly traditional fruitcake with candied fruits, raidins, currants, dates, nuts, and brandy.  Lots of brandy :-)  About 4 years ago I added a Caribbean Black Fruitcake into the holiday baking schedule.  Waaaaay different than traditional, more challenging to make properly, and really tasty.

A couple of years ago during the Great Twinkie Crisis (when Hostess went out of business and Twinkies went on the black market), I was out trying to find Hostess treats while they could still be found.  I bought a Hostess Fruitcake that day.  It looked good in its clear wrap, showing it's fruity goodness.  Looked real good.  Then I took a bite.  One bite.  That was enough.  The rest of the slice, verily, the rest of the cake went in the trash.  It was horrible.  Hostess Fruitcakes may be the reason people hate fruitcakes.

Today at World Market I bought a Forchy Christmas Cake (and a couple others that I'll report on later).  It was boxed, so I couldn't see the actual cake, just the enticing picture on the box.  Was on sale (25% off all fruitcakes), and pretty cheap anyway, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm happy to report that the Forchy Christmas Cake is quite good.  It's much lighter than the traditional, rather dense fruitcake.  It has basically a buttery pound cake taste with candied fruit throughout.  It's a sweet treat, and quite tasty.  Goes great with a glass of cold milk.  It is pre-sliced, great if you're so excited to have a serving of Forchy Christmas Cake that you just can't wait for the slicing to conclude.

I give Forchy Christmas Cake 3.5 Red Cherries, on a 5 Cherry scale.


  1. Ah, you've finally found your true calling! Reviewer of Fruit Cakes. I dig it! I still recommend College of the Ozarks. A teensy bit pricey, but very tasty.

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