Monday, November 24, 2014

Kendal Mint Cake by Quiggins

The Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake is not a traditional fruit cake, and, not a proper baked cake at all.  Instead, it is a cake of deliciously refreshing peppermint candy.  Manufactured by D. Quiggin & Son at Kent Vale Mint Cake Works, the 85 gram cake will produce at least 4 approximately 1 inch square servings.  The cake is quite sweet and perfectly minty, less so than an Altoid, more so than a Life Saver.

The cake is made with only sugar, glucose syrup, fondant, peppermint oil, and salt.  My years of candy making at home tell me that the ingredients are cooked to a soft crack state, enough to hold the candy together as a cake but yet easy to bite and enjoy.  Think of the consistency of a praline, and you've got it, mate.

Purchased online from the English Tea Store's Christmas cake section, it qualifies as a Christmas cake, although it is not at all a fruitcake.  It is a delightful Christmas candy cake, and inexpensive, too.  Nicely executed candy, good for your breath, the Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake is a perfect palate cleansing dessert candy following your onion burger or garlicky pizza pie.  I give it 4 Red Cherries.

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