Monday, December 16, 2019

Album Share: Did Mary Know...

Tonight's share is the first new album of the sharing season.  It is regional to my area - an album from the College of Emporia, now Emporia State University, in Emporia, Kansas.  (Correction: College of Emporia was a different institution than Emporia State U).The album title is "Did Mary Know...", ellipsis and all.  The album was recorded in 1965 and released by Audio House of Lawrence, KS.

There is a nice selection of songs performed by the Emporia Chorale and The Toppers, a select group of the chorale.  Included are standards such as "Carol of the Bells", "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", and "O Little Town of Bethlehem", second tier favorites "Fum, Fum, Fum" and the truncated "Bring a Torch", and little known songs "Early One Morning", "Balulalow", and the title track "Did Mary Know".

If any of my KC area readers knows anyone who may have been in the College of Emporia Choale back in 1965, they may be on this record.  Photos of The Toppers and the chorale grace the back cover, though the troupe members are not named.

This is a sweet little remembrance of Christmas past from the Flint Hills of Kansas.  Enjoy!

Did Mary Know... download link


  1. Groovy! Looks interesting. Gotta love Christmas songs you've never heard. :)

  2. One correction... College of Emporia is not connected to Emporia State University. They are separate institutions that were located in Emporia, KS. See

    1. Thanks Gwen! I incorrectly assumed that the College of Emporia had done a name change sometime since 1965. I'll make a correction, and do some better research next time.