Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ten from Camden

Tonight's share is a little unusual in that the record is a 7" 45, but is packed with 10 Christmas Carols on the two sides.  When I first perused this and saw only one record in the sleeve, I thought that it was missing a record, that it should have been a 2-record set.  But then I looked closer and saw that nope - all ten songs were on the single disc.  Nine of the songs are together in sets of three in three tracks, and the final one, "Star of Bethlehem" stands alone.

I've taken some liberties in tagging the tracks.  Since they contain three songs, I couldn't string the complete song names out, so they are shortened into what I hope makes sense.  They are all classic carols, so I'm sure you'll recognize them.

Interesting things, these extended play 45s.  The back cover has a long list of similar records.

So, here you go - 10 Christmas Carols by the Carollers and the Yuletide Choristers, brought to you by Camden, a division of RCA.


  1. Nice! Never seen this one before! Thanks for diggin it up and sharing it. :)

  2. It was with the Tops 18 in the batch that I was given. Christmas records don't sell well there, so they give them to me :-)

  3. Listening to it, now - Thank You so much for sharing it with us :)

    Ah, I see how they crammed so many songs on a 45 - They only perform one verse from each song...

    Still, the Christmassy atmosphere this evokes makes it all worthwhile :)

    Just wondering: Was there any indication of the year of release on the platter itself?

    Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas, Mr. Bingle, Sir :)

  4. I see you're getting the same comment spam that I fight. :( Don't click those links, folks!!

  5. Yep - I get a few spam comments. Fortunately it's few enough that I can keep up.

  6. There seems to be an issue with the 1st track on this download

    1. Ah - I see that. I'm looking for my original rip files (across multiple laptops and hard drives). If I can find it I'll re-up the ZIP with a corrected version.

    2. I've replaced the ZIP file with a fresh version that has a corrected track 1. Thanks!