Monday, December 12, 2022

Lee Langdon "What's a Christmas Eve Without My Baby?"

What do you get with swingin' music, an 8-piece jazz band, great lyrics, and a croonin' singer?  You get Lee Langdon's new single "What's a Christmas Eve Without My Baby?", a groovy new song for the holidays this year!

Hailing from Edmond, Oklahoma (known as the jazz capitol of Oklahoma County in the State of Oklahoma), Lee Langdon wrote the lyrics and melody to "What's A Christmas Eve Without My Baby?" in 2019, and then began the journey to arrange it into a swingy jazz number.  Collaborating with some of the top cats in the Oklahoma City jazz scene, Lee turned his composition into a rollicking good time, reminiscent of the best jazz singers of the golden era.

About Lee:  

"After being raised in Tabernacle, New Jersey, Lee ventured south for his college years. After spending four years in Arkansas, Lee moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he met his lovely wife, Aime. Three boys, a girl, and many domesticated animals later, life in the Langdon family is fun, and very good. Over the years Lee has coached many of his kids' soccer games, attended countless dance recitals and orchestra concerts, and has cherished every last minute of it all. And through it all, Lee has never wavered in his love for writing and performing his own music, and for extra-cheese and Italian sausage pizza. Lee and his family now reside in Edmond, Oklahoma. You can listen to Lee's music online wherever music streams or just go to"

Of late, a personal criterion for a good Christmas song is that it is light on the tropes.  Now, for it to be a Christmas song, you gotta sing about Christmas.  But some songs just seem to rapid-fire the holiday words and phrases at you.  Not so here.  Lee has written not only a good Christmas song, but just a good song, period.  Like not adding a tablespoon of nutmeg when a half teaspoon will do, Lee has just the right amount of Christmas in this song about being with a special person on Christmas Eve.  Awesome!

Please watch and listen, and groove along with Lee Langdon!

Lee Langdon website

Lee Langdon Bandcamp page

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