Monday, December 5, 2022

New Music Roundup - 2022 Edition

Continuing a tradition of the past few years here at Merry & Bright, here are some of the best new Christmas songs of the 2022 season.  As always, I encourage you to support these artists by purchasing their songs, adding them to your playlists, and dropping a couple extra bucks if you get to Name Your Own Price.  They appreciate it :-)

One note:  Social media and websites for all of these artists are easily found with a google (or your favorite) internet search.  With a few exceptions, I've excluded links to their socials/sites in the interest of space.  Please google the artists to be led to more information.  Thanks!

Modern Temple "Reason for the Season" 

Indie pop husband and wife duo Modern Temple are releasing a music video for their holiday hit "Reason For The Season." Originally written last December, the single is being brought back to life with this new music video featuring friends and family, as well as the couple’s daughter taking some of her first steps… perfectly encapsulating the message of the song. A low-key but joyful vibe, “Reason for The Season” reminds listeners what is truly important about the holiday season…. spending time with family and friends.

Modern Temple website

Kayley Manarchuck "George Bailey"

“George Bailey” by Kayley Manarchuck captures the beloved Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” in song. With sweeping melodies, warm vocals and plenty of references to delight the fancy of major fans of the film, Kayley serenades you with the story of George's life well lived. “Growing up, I admired George, a big dreamer with an even bigger heart. Though he desired to see the world, he found the fullness of life sharing it with those he deeply loves at home,” describes Kayley. She dances you through his dreams and development while listeners delight in the comfort of the season. Get cozy with the chorus and enjoy this tune with your family this Christmas season.

"George Bailey" is the featured track on Kayley's EP "Warmest Warmths", which includes Kayley's performances of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "O Holy Night".

Kayley Manarchuck Instagram

The Gleeman "I Love Christmastime"

There is nothing as heart-warming as witnessing the wonder on a child's face at Christmas – we all connect with that feeling. Leaving out mince pies & carrots, struggling to sleep through excitement, listening for the faintest sound of sleigh bells. "I Love Christmastime" takes us all back to that childhood innocence and reminds us of the joys of Christmas, no matter our age.’ – The Gleeman 

Phil Firetog Trio & Co. "Long Island Christmas Eve"

Long Island, NY-based alternative acoustic rock band, Phil Firetog Trio & Co., has released a heartwarming, festive, and nostalgic holiday single, "Long Island Christmas Eve". Fusing elements of acoustic styling and layers of jam-band-influenced orchestration, the band presents an ode to reuniting in their hometown. Based on their own experiences of reuniting with long-distance friends and family for the holidays, "Long Island Christmas Eve" has fans full of Christmas spirit and reminiscing on their own holiday traditions with their families.

Sydney Boys Choir "My Home Town"

A new Christmas Carol, composed by Finn Twist, performed by the Sydney Boys Choir.  Find out more about the composer at

Jennifer Saran "Songs of Christmas... Come Dance with Me" 

Contemporary jazz singer-songwriter Jennifer Saran has released an all-new holiday single, “Songs of Christmas… Come Dance with Me” – a fresh collaboration with her longtime creative partner and producer, Grammy and Emmy winner Narada Michael Walden.

Laura Cheadle "On This Christmas Night" 

Worldwide Recording Artist Laura Cheadle is unwrapping a surprise for fans as she debuts her new holiday single and video “On This Christmas Night.” Available now on all DSPs, the song is described by Cheadle as “the perfect backdrop to the Christmas spirit.”

Paul Bill Jr " Y.O.U for Christmas"  

Paul says "My song is called Y.O.U. for Christmas.  As an artist, the life of traveling and being away from home can be very hard on any relationship. The inspiration for this song comes from a conversation with my wife who only had one request. She pleaded "Just be home on Christmas, because it wouldn't be Christmas without YOU" As you listen to this upbeat Holiday song you could feel many emotions: happy, sad, excitement and love. But the song is relatable. We all desire to spend our most special moments with someone we love. Who's Your YOU?"

Ivor Game "Christmas Morning", from the album "Fine Summer Rain" 
"Christmas Morning" is a short, sweet, beauty of an instrumental song that summons up the holiday feelings.  

Melody & Harmony "The Christmas Story"  This was actually a 2021 release, but it came to my attention this year.  Enjoy!

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