Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Few Stats from 2010 Christmas Sharing Season

Just a few quick stats from the 2010 Christmas Sharity Season:

Single/Small Collection:

Most popular:  Julie Andrews "The Christmas Song" - 174 downloads
Second place:  Les Paul and Mary Ford "Silent Night" - 137 downloads
Least popular:  The Four Aces - 41 downloads


Most popular:  Ashley Miller - 153 downloads
Second place:  The Glory of Christmas - 150 downloads
Least popular:  Robert Rheims - 53 downloads

A Class by itself:  Zenith collection - 40 downloads (this was mainly for the song notations on hte back cover)

Most interesting:
Hallmark records - One with 86 downloads, the other with 138.

News for 2011:

A couple things brewing for 2011.  First, DavesWorld56 acquired a reel-to-reel version of "The Glory of Christmas", which I had shared out here.  He transferred it to digital, but discovered that a few songs were missing from the reel format.  I'll be working on re-mastering the missing cuts from my vinyl version (hopefully eliminating the nasty skip from "Patapan") and integrating my re-masters in with Dave's great reel rips.  So sometime in 2011 you'll get a cleaner re-share of this excellent collection.  Here's the link to Dave's work so (via Forum):  Glory of Christmas  Thanks Dave!

Second, I have a couple more editions of the Hallmark collections.  Since I live in Kansas City, home of Hallmark, these pop up pretty often out in thrift store land.  I'll probably re-master the two from 2010 and then share out all four in 2011.  Or more if I find others.


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